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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Haircut From Heaven Turned Into Another Sexcapade

Lately I've been wanting to change my hair, to do something more radical and noticeable. After months of just letting it grow and doing absolutely nothing with it, it became a crazy mess. Even Mauricio was like: girl, what is happening there?
Mau knows a lot of salons here, as he tries a different one every month.
I went to Aduho, a hair salon in Diagonal with a great rep. Mau told me they use RedKen products which he uses too. After a little research, I found couple inspirational pictures and asked for an appointment. 
Friday happened to be the rainiest day ever.
Mau briefed me about the staff there : sexy Dani, incessant talker Francesca, who of course got to cut my hair! Italian people do talk a lot! Luckily Francesca was too funny and lively to be bothersome!
What is it with the hairdressers? They all look so handsome and stylish. You don't just pay for the hairdo but also for the compliments, flattering and warm smiles. I guess I just really needed it.
After two hours of hard work the final result was beyond my expectations. Francesca even did my makeup. I went to pay and yeah it was a bit pricey but I just didn't care.  

Anal Permission
After my haircut, I was invited to a barbecue party that was organised by an architecture studio where Micaela works. It was in a spacious loft which was absolutely stunning. The ultimate work place shall I say. 
There was a lot of meat so I mostly ate hummus and drank a lot of wine. Of course I got drunk. When I am drunk I have no filter. Like I just say things that come to my mind. Sadly, I am a judgy person and a strong minded one which means that I don't like many people because they bother me. At the same time because of that I can be really hard on myself.
So, I started talking to this guy who was from Denmark. I was like: I've heard it's lovely country. Doesn't it have like a really big suicide rate?
Then another guy said he lived in Eixample and I was like ah Gayxamle! So are you gay? (So stupid) At which point Mauricio just dragged me away. Thank God or I'd say more inappropriate shit.
Suddenly I was like I need to have sex with someone! Like right now! As we were smoking outside with some of Micaela's colleagues, Mau pointed out one guy who he found attractive.
I was like yeah he's hot but not my type. Then we started talking with him and he had a really sexy voice. A Chilean guy named Fran, charming and flirting probably with every single woman there. That's exactly what I needed, I thought! So I just got to the point and told him I wanted to be fucked.
Fran looked at me slightly shocked then retrieved and said vamos! Well that was easy.
It was pouring as we were going to my place. Fran insisted on taking a taxi despite me protesting that I lived 5 minutes away. Eventually he gave in. I loved the fact that finally there was someone who wanted to take a taxi!
Fran was a different sexual experience. Not just because he was Latino (my very first Non-European sex) but he fucked like it was cooking without a recipe. I was literally carried to bed. The thing was he had a really big dick. Like thick and me being slightly drunk, it was difficult giving him head. My continuous thought was my autopsy results will just say: suffocated by big dick!
Luckily I survived and once he was inside me, wow I could see many colours.
But then at some point something happened...
I could just not believe what I was feeling inside my ass and I was like OMG it could not be! But it was! His penis in my delicate ass. Like this is so not ok! Wtf? In order to do this, you ask for my fucking permission! What was he thinking?! You need a preparation for something like this. I don't wanna have anal with a stranger! Seriously... something could have come out... Fortunately nothing did.
Basically I couldn't get angry at him at this point because it was actually really good and I came many times. But afterwards I got upset and confronted him to which he said: oh come on! You were loving it!
Dick! Ok true, but that's not the fucking point. He stayed for a bit, complemented my ass and went to a party.
What a night! After four used condoms, two cigarettes, change of bedding, I finally went to sleep.

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