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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lala Mierda

Lala Mierda

Lala Sex became a regular thing at some point. I still don't know his name and we managed to break up already even though we have never been together. It's odd and confusing if you don't set the rules. Are we fuck buddies having occasional or regular sex? Or are we dating?
In the beginning it was fun being with a stranger, not knowing his name, where he came from but after some time you get tired of saying 'you'.
I got upset over it one night when we were together and it ended up in a fight. Let's face it: we've never established a good rapport! The problem is that we are both stubborn, proud and hate compromises.
He's also super shitty in terms of time management. Lala Sex has many things to do which is great for him but I don't want to be the one who gets constantly canceled on.
So I tried to break it off in a friendly way explaining that I need something more serious. If anything this 'thing' made me realise that I would like to be in a relationship.
I told him that he's too busy for me. He agreed and we let go but after a week he texted me asking if we could see each other from time to time? I don't know...
To be honest, it's easier and faster to fuck a random guy on Saturday night than arranging a meeting with him. The other thing though, I kind of missed him since we stopped talking. Maybe it's just because we used to speak everyday and it became a habit...
Should I settle for a casual sex, dinner and cinema with a guy who is there for me only when he wants to, just to have sex and company? Unable to decide, Mauricio did it for me when he sent me a link of an interview with Rihanna where she says and I quote: 'Girls are settling...but I won't. I will wait forever if I have to.'
I mean she's right. To settle means to lose.
It would be a blunder to continue with this.

Mauricio And His Gotas de Amor

Speaking of Mauricio he stopped having sex in dark rooms and now he's doing it just at the uni toilets. Sometimes the urges are strong. Especially when you are stressed, having to spend innumerable hours in the library.
As Mauricio was googling how to say precum in Spanish, an Italian guy who happened to be in the same library sent him a message on Grinder. They agreed to meet at the bathrooms.
It should always be like this, smooth and fast. There's something about having public sex. The thrill of knowing that you can become the object of outrageous scorn or desire by someone who wants to join you intensifies the whole experience.

Yolanda's nights

Meeting someone worth the effort to be in a relationship with became almost impossible, exhausting and pain staking process. Let alone having a fuck buddy.
Like my friend Yolanda for example. She's been sleeping with three guys lately.
One of them was Italian who was always hard and could have sex seven times a night. He needed only 5 minutes to get hard again which was absolutely gorgeous, however this selfish hard dick miracle only cared about HIS multiple orgasms!

The other one, Colombian guy, gave her a bootie call once we were in a bar in Grazia. She was like yaay and went over to his place. Instead of orgasmic night, Yolanda ended up listening to his troubles instead. She got upset of course. Imagine being called up, then sexually refused and expected to suddenly be his best friend and hold his hand. Don't get me wrong, Yolanda loves listening to other people's problems and helping out. The thing is he should have said he needed a friend before!
Maybe we can't really communicate that well anymore...
The third man, this time Catalan living in France, turned out to be a babe! She had a fabulous time, everything was great until she found out he was only 22. Yolanda being 27 felt like a paedophile.
I mean come on! He's legal and in his 20s. Why is it such a furor to sleep/ date younger guys? There's always been a bad rep about younger men: immature, irresponsible, emotionally not ready....
A lot of older guys I met fit the exact same description. I told Yolanda not to care and just enjoy her sandwich.

The pain of working

An embarrassing thing happened to me. So I was just buying condoms and lub at a shop close to my work and suddenly one of my 14 year olds and his mama joined me at the counter. My student was like Hi Tami and told his mom who I was. Then both of them looked at my purchase and blushed. This one fucking time I was buying condoms and this happened?!🙄
Moreover, one day when I was teaching, two of my teenage students were touching each other under the table. And I'm like this just can't be fucking happening! But it was! I had no idea what to do so I just gave them my 'don't you fucking dare doing it here' look. They stopped.
Honestly I so don't wanna do this anymore! Teaching became a boring and excruciating nightmare for me. If I have to explain the difference between the Past Simple and Present Perfect again I'm just gonna have a breakdown.

Popita se muda

Micaela is moving out. My heart broke upon hearing this excruciating news. Even though I totally get why, her room is the size of a shoebox, single bed and no natural light...
When her friend Otto offered her a room in his flat, having double bed, exterior light and for the same prize, she just couldn't refuse! I mean dah and plus she's only gonna live couple blocks away but still I will miss her like crazy!
I love the weekends when we're all at home me, Mau and Micaela. You know just lying in bed, talking about sex, watching Girls and eating ice cream or going to the beach...
I'm just hoping the new flatmate won't be a dick!

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