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Friday, March 10, 2017

Fro Yo

Spring mode
I joined the gym! Finally! I can't possibly believe it took me this long! The problem with the gyms in Barcelona is that you have to pay a registration fee which you will never get back and which could be up to 90 euros. In my gym exactly 74.
Luckily if you happen to have Carne Joven, the discount card for young people, it's for free.
The best thing is that my gym has it's own pool and spa.
So far it's my favourite gym, it's super relaxed, big and nice. Mau goes there too. We did Body Balance class together and we just kept laughing. I think everyone in the class hated us. But in our defense, there was a guy who had a wet dick. I mean the area of his shorts, where his penis and balls are, was totally wet. Then he sat down and half of his hairy and fat ass was out! In front of our faces! Who wouldn't laugh?!
Actually after writing things like this, I always realise how mean I sound/am! The fact that Mauricio laughs with me makes me feel much better though.

The first week I took Micaela to spa. Everything was great apart from certain elderly people. I just don't get why do they have this constant need to instruct you about everything?! Like this woman with her massive tits resting on her knees said: you can't enter the sauna without the towel. YOU JUST CAN'T ENTER WITHOUT THE TOWEL! No jacuzzi without the swimming cap!
Yeah bitch I get it! Now, I don't mean to be disrespectful but just shut the fuck up!
Like if the actual gym staff don't seem to care, why do you?
Afterward we went to Cometa for brunch. I love brunches and even though they didn't have Bloody Mary there, it's a lovely place. The music, service, food and decoration was cool. Even the prices were ok.

Erratic me
I know I said I was done with Lala but well...
I may say a lot of things here that could sound quite definite but in the end I always change my mind. I'm just too erratic.
On Saturday I went to plaza Catalunya to buy a swimsuit and gym towel, had a fro yo and lovely walk. It's been a long time since I had time for myself. There's something about Barcelona that keeps you always entertained and in good spirits.
I got home around 8, skyped my mom and brother and finally sent some voice notes and emails to my friends.
Lala texted me asking, so you won't even talk to me?! Of course I replied! It was the first time we didn't talk about films. He asked me about how I was, what I did last few weeks... I don't know how but suddenly we were sexting!
I've never done it before but it was fun. I actually came afterwards. Of course he wanted to come over. He said he'd be there within an hour. Despite wanting him so badly, my vengeful side overtook again and because he didn't come many times when I invited him, I said no and went out instead.
Sometimes it's essential to be vengeful.

Meet up girls
March was approaching and I decided to join some meet up groups. There was a new group forming called Girls around the world. The objective was to create a blog together. I thought it was a brilliant idea.
Our first meeting was in a cafe called Cosmo. As soon as I walked in and saw everyone at the table, I had a good feeling. Everyone was so interesting, with different stories and ideas. We couldn't look more different! Mix of nationalities and cultures. Most of girls were my age apart from one lady who was around 50. She was incredible. She said she was having the time of her life. Her husband was working abroad so she only saw him one week a month that's why she didn't have time to get angry or pissed at him. Her children were grown ups and she could do all these things she wanted.
We talked about the message of the blog, the content and everything we wanted there.
In the end we decided about the first posts.
It was truly an inspiring evening and walking back home I felt like I started something good.

Clean the fucking toilet!
So, we have a new flatmate. He's 26, an architect and from Argentina.
The first time I met him, he was with my landlord, who I hate, so I just said hi and left the house because I was in a hurry.
Well, apparently he told Mau that he was scared of me because I didn't introduce myself! Wtf?! I mean...excuse me?!
I said fine, whatever I'm not gonna be judgy and bitchy already and just give him another chance.
He seems.... I don't know what other word to use in order to describe him but WEIRD! He's always like just staring at you and not saying much or asking questions and staring again...
It's like having another Aldo with the only difference: this one doesn't smoke weed! I mean not yet!
The other thing is that now I am living with three guys. Mau is a babe, super clean and everything but the other two are pigs!
You can't imagine what I had to go through one morning! So I woke up and Mau said: the new guy is in the bathroom the second time this morning and farting loudly. Apparently he left the shit marks on the toilet. Poor Mauricio, his door is just in front of the bathroom.
I mean I wasn't even surprised! I saw him eating beans and chick peas at the same time! Like who does that?! Does he want his ass to explode?
Then after he left the bathroom Aldo came in and did the same thing without washing his hands! Like...
I'm living in a flat where I can't sit on the toilet seat and I am afraid of touching everything. I wonder when does this era of sharing flats with gross people end? And also how come their parents did't teach them the basic hygiene?!

Walk in the rain
Yolanda had to go back to Italy for two months to graduate and sort out her PhD for next year here in Barcelona.
I know she'll be gone only two months but still, I'm utterly sad. I mean Yolanda is one of my closest friends! We always do things together. She's got insatiable spirit of exploring and always doing something.
Yolanda makes things happen.
The very last night of hers, it was just me and her going to a concert.
Before the concert I went to Yolanda's place help her packing. After seeing her room empty it hit me that she was really leaving...
Suddenly the Peruvian Pablo Escobar came and offered us leaves of cocaine and that we could make a tea out of them.
I was like there's noway I'm taking something from that guy! But of course we made that tea. We were staring at the smelly leaves questionably... My head was full of crazy scenarios like what if I'll go completely mad and get naked on the street? Or try to fly or something?
We had the stinky tea and.... NOTHING HAPPENED.
After the concert, it was pouring! Of course we didn't have any umbrellas.
So yeah, we ended up totally drenched and soaked with the liquidy pollution. I was shaking on the bus next to Yolanda and we just sat there quietly. I thought we'd enjoy the last night, not thinking about tomorrow, but we both realised it was impossible.
Afterwards in the city we had a dinner, some beers and went home.
I had to go back to hers to get a ukulele she wanted me to keep.
As I was walking home, at 3am, in the rain with the ukulele, I got angry. Why the fuck am I walking in the rain at 3am feeling sad and abandoned?
It was one of those times when you wanted to have someone to cuddle with or just be in a taxi.
Mau was having a very bad night too! His Tinder date turned out to be a dick, as it is usually the case.
They went to a club and he just started to make out with another guy in front of Mau an just left him there. Mauricio had his walk in the rain too. He was crying and didn't care in the slightest who was watching. These situations could be traumatic, especially if you are a sensitive or insecure person. It leaves you with: am I not pretty enough? What did I do/ say wrong? Why does it always happen to me?!
When actually it has nothing to do with you unless you are a total weirdo. It just didn't work and that's it. And many times it won't regardless you did something wrong or not.
There are just too many guys that are not good for ya!
And then someone comes unexpectedly. For Mau it was literally the next day. Despite being sceptical about meeting anyone, he went on a date. The guy was sweet, funny and they had the greatest time. He was visiting some friends but because of Mauricio he cleared out his schedule and stayed with him. They had great two days together.
And yeah... there are times you can meet these fabulous people who make you feel beautiful and special.

Until next time, Pretty Pussies.

Much Love,

Tami K

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