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Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Brief Tinder Experience and How I Had Sex on the Street

Eventually I got convinced and was intrigued into Tinder world. Mainly because of Mauricio, the Tinder king. He dates on regular basis. I was new to the city and I thought, why not?
After meeting the first guy who turned out to be a total sweetheart, I gave up. I mean, he was so sweet, interesting, decent, polite with a good job and his own flat. He paid for the lunch and we took a lovely stroll around the port. Unfortunately I didn't find him attractive. No fucking spark! I mean I didn't have sex for a long time and still I wouldn't which was a proof enough.

Luckily, my sexual frustration was satisfied. One night I went out with my friend Yolanda and a colleague, Judy. We started with some wine and beers and in the end I ended up totally knackered. Suddenly I found myself in a loud, trashy club where I couldn't move or talk. When Judy wanted to go to the bathroom, I took an opportunity and went with her. While I was waiting for her, a handsome and incredibly hot Puertoricano came up to me and started flirting. Even though I was intoxicated, I could feel his hotness in every single part of my body. My vagina was on fire!  After couple minutes talking, we smoothly moved outside to smoke. The truth is we ended up having sex on the street. We weren't even decent enough to find a dark little corner. We were simply out there, in the middle of the street, with people passing by, surely utterly shocked upon the sight of us. I wasn't exactly quiet either... And just before we came, he said: my girlfriend is actually waiting for me at home! I mean, really? What the fuck?!!!
I'm risking my reputation here and just throwing away all the decency I have, and I am not even allowed to come? What a dick?! Seriously, why couldn't he just shut up and let me come?! This just sobered me up and I was like: noway I'm gonna be the reason for their break up. So I walked away, of course he followed me and I just got into a taxi even though I live close by.
After I sat down, a driver casually told me: My colleagues were just telling me that some guys were having sex in the middle of the street! To what I replied: I can't believe it! You know, people are animals.
I was like OMG, this is so not happening!
After that I spent weeks checking out YouTube just in case someone recorded me. I didn't even know if it was a crime or not? Could they kick me out of the country?
So I googled everything and having sex in public is illegal only if there is a child present and if the genitals are shown ( which I am not sure about).

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