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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lala Sex

As I mentioned in my previous post, I met that circumcised guy whose name I could not remember. Well, he kept writing me to go and see Lala Land with him which I agreed to eventually. I actually thought it could be a nice date, you know to sit in a dark cinema, knees occasionally touching, timid glances and gently whispering into each others ears.
Well it was so not like that at all! I arrived 5 minutes before the film started and we just had time to kiss on both cheeks (as you do with everyone else in Spain) and rushed to the cinema. 

Now, the screening room was insanely packed (it was only couple days after the premiere). Of course we had to sit next to the noisiest guys ever, who were loudly commenting on everything. One of them actually fell asleep and snored. I was like are you fucking kidding me?! Plus, it was insanely hot in there, like I felt my mascara was melting. And I've realised that I forgot to put a tampon on (in) as I was leaving work in a hurry to make it on time.
Mind you a I had a light pink skirt on. Luckily, I didn't end up soaked in blood.
I have to mention that not once I felt like touching him or you know snuggling him. Not that I was uncomfortable but it just felt weird. 

After the movie, it was 1am and he had to wake up at 6 so we just went to a bar for couple drinks. He talked a lot about cinema which is great but at the same time, dude there are other things too! It felt like a cinema lecture I used to have back at the uni. He's super smart, career driven, knows what he wants and follows his dreams, which is very admirable and hot although at that time I was mostly just not that interested...
He paid for the tickets and drinks saying I could invite him to the cinema next time...
Like we didn't even kiss goodbye nor did we talk about 'us'. I mean after doing everything on Friday, we came to puta nothing on Wednesday.
Walking back home, along dirty streets of my barrio, I got slightly upset! What if I will never feel that spark again?! Did I get too cynical for rainbows and butterflies?
Well, next day I felt better and thought: whatever... It just didn't feel right.
Surprisingly, the guy kept texting me about my weekend plans etc and I kept responding.

On Saturday,Yolanda and Micaela decided to make a dinner in our place, guacamole and pappa al pomodoro (fucking delicious). 
Micaela's boyfriend is staying with us this month and his brother who works in London came to visit too. Perfect reason for a party!
After the dinner, we happened to go to the same club as last week, Sidecar. The music was great, I was having fun and actually dancing which I don't do a lot/often.
Let me tell you something about myself...Many people say I have a sad face. Honestly, the amount of people who asked me if I was ok on Saturday, I couldn't possibly count! If my friends ask, it's because they are concerned but if random, annoying guys do that, I just fucking wanna hit them! Like what do they think, that they could save me, hold me in their arms and all the black skies would go away? I just have ny own private dance where I jump among glitters dressed in cotton candy. To all men concerned: I am happy inside! Also, why is being sad so overwhelmingly concerning to everyone? There is happiness in sadness too.

Later that night, as we were dancing, I saw him. Still not knowing his name, my friend Yolanda started to call him Lala Sex. So let's call him that. Previously as I was texting with him, I mentioned where I was. I wish I wasn't so ambivalent about everything!
Lala Sex turned up and started talking to me on the dance floor. I was a little upset because I wanted to dance with my friends and just excused myself after some time (I know that was rude).
After some time, me and Yolanda decided to get the cigarettes and smoke outside. As we were buying them, we realized we didn't have enough coins (typical) and there Lala Sex came to save us.
Of course Yolanda asked him to come with us and she was super charmed by him.
In the end, she was shouting at me that I should give him another chance and take him home. She can be so insistent and also I was tired, sober and just wanted to leave. So, I let him take me home. On the way back, he made me laugh a lot and I felt like actually taking him home....

I had fun and felt good although there were some awkward moments like the language barrier can actually matter when you are tired or drunk. Also, I need more time to open up. It's been a long time since I had a guy over for more than a night...

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