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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fridays Belong to Strangers...

It was supposed to be just a normal and chilled Friday night. Our friend Laura invited us to her adorable flat in Barceloneta for dinner. Tired after the whole week, I just wanted to have a nice vino time with my friends. On Fridays, Barcelona's metro closes at 2am. Surprisingly we managed to get on the last train home. But of course, my already quite drunk friend Yolanda was like: one more beer at the African bar, just one more! And I was like, this is definitely not gonna be just one more but I missed her so much over the Christmas and despite the fatigue I surrendered.

First, we met an Italian guy, in his 40s, bold and short inviting us to a club where he knew everyone so we could get there for free and had free drinks too. I was like, ok he's very nice and funny but I'd rather pay for everything myself. No, actually I'd rather go home. But Yolanda was on fire and empowered by all the wine, mojito and gin tonic.
Anyways so I found myself in a club, with surprisingly not bad music! The problem was I was too sober and the Italian guy started to be annoying. Therefore we decided to run away from him and just got lost on the dance floor.
After some time, I've noticed a tall, handsome man standing close by.
We kept looking at each other but did nothing. Yolanda of course took the initiative and started to push me towards him. I mean, fuck, she is strong for someone so petite! At some point she pushed so hard that I literally flew into his arms. We started talking, well more like shouting at each others ears because of the loud music. It turned out we share the love for cinema and when I was working in European Film Festival in Seville, he was there too. Afterwards he asked for my number and we agreed to see Lala Land on Wednesday.
Saying goodbye to him while looking around for Yolanda, suddenly I saw her passionately (Like two horny animals. We've all been there) making out with his friend! I was like wtf?!

In the end he took me home and stayed over. I mean I actually didn't want to take him home. I don't know... but the problem is I struggle at saying no! In our building, in the middle of he foyer, he lifted me up and passionately kissed me while pushing me towards the wall. Omg this sounds so cheesy! I was like, no fucking way I'm having another public sex in my own building! So I took him upstairs to my flat.
And I kinda felt happy, so nice to share my bed for a change. Of course we had sex, well actually how can I say this... I couldn't find condom and he didn't have one.
So I said, well I'm on the Pill but you know, it's just that I only met you and I don't even know if you have any... (at this point my Spanish totally failed me) contaminacion on your penis?! It was like 6am and I just couldn't remember the Spanish word for STDs... oh boy, he laughed so hard! Eventually I found a condom but there was another problem. He was circumsized recently and suddenly had a pain down there during the sex...This is the second time in Barcelona I don't get to come during the intercourse...
I mean thanks to his hands and tongue I came several times so ok but still...
After all, thank you my darling Yolanda for pushing me. I guess we all need a little pushing from time to time.

As for Yolanda... She also had her sexy time. She has a little ladder in her room and as she was getting a condom from downstairs, still drunk and super excited, she fell and fractured her toe. I mean that's the prize you get for being too eager to have sex. Oh boy...

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