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Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Stigmas Society Still Has About People With STDs

When living in Spain, I had to be checked for STDs twice. The first time, everything went smoothly, they examined me, took the samples, drew my blood, and impassively mentioned I should always insist on using condoms.
A year after, when I had to do the tests again, I had the most uncomfortable and outrageous experience. I went to the same hospital unit. The gyneacologist and a training doctor scolded me mercilessly. Ok, fine, I knew they had other serious cases to treat and that I should have been more careful, but still I had my right to make the same mistakes and me actually going to get checked, was responsible! That is how a sensible person acts, when she fucks up! The doctor basically said: 'you’ve been here last year to do tests and you are here again. How exactly did you not understand to be safe?‘
I looked at her saying I know that and I was sorry. I know I should have been more careful.
Then on top of it, the training doctor, who actually looked even younger than I was, joined the conversation saying: Well, then, maybe you should put your theory into the practice.
I was like that’s it. I wasn’t sure if to cry or jump at that bitch and rip her white coat. Then, cowardly, I looked down, let them examine me and said not a single word during the examination.

Since at least 2000, the STDs cases significantly grew. Some people blame it on Tinder and hookup apps. This means there's more work for doctors. At the same time this doesn’t mean, doctors should tell you off for not being careful.
Society has been always cruel and judgemental about STDs. A person with STD is reckless, dirty, slutty and spreading infections.
I have heard so many stories about nurses and doctors passing judgements or making disapproving faces.
When you suspect you may have STD, it's enough punishment. It's not like having a fluband you do end up blaming yourself when you have it.
Why can't society, especially the professionals just save us from scorning and condescending treatment?
Many people don't get tested because they want to avoid the embarrassing situation, meaning they don't have to know for years if they have any STDs. Sometimes I really wonder, what about the doctors? They are human beings too, surely they had STD threats at some point of their lives.

My regret is that I should have said something when the GYN and training doctor were telling me off. I was uncomfortable and in a vulnarable situation and I let them chide me. It was unjust and utterly unprofessional yet I didn't say a word. I so should have. No one should feel embarassed for doing the right and responsible thing.

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