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Monday, July 27, 2015

On my way

I woke up covered with dying petals.
They felt so heavy and lonely.
What a strange and undecided Monday morning attacking my eyelids.
I couldn't stand the weight anymore so I got up.

When I looked at my hands my toes were aching.
As if they were complaining.
Maybe they just wanted to fly.
Walking could take you to the wrong alleys or show you painful heaven.

A man with hungry eyes tried to swallow the world.
He said he liked the taste of ink and burnt pavements.
I used to meet him on the way to a glowing river.
I passed by the rhinestones lady.
She kept dancing and didn't know how to breathe.
Her eyes pointed to the mauve skies.

Hours were rushing into hours in the void of loneliness.
I kept walking.
Until there was nothing to disappear to but silence.

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