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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rosie the Rose part 1

Rosie decides to explore

When tasting the raindrops and measuring rainbows wasn't enough, Rosie decided to leave the house and explore. Being only ten years old she knew exactly what to pack: her colouring book, crayons, oat biscuits and Bonsai tree.
Unfortunately choosing the best outfit wasn't that easy. Rosie had to think very carefully. She knew the seasons changed and that they were very different. She decided for blue dress, red wellies to fight the rain, her mama's glamorous sunglasses and a black cardigan. The cardigan was made by her Nana while she still enjoyed life and believed in power of little blue pills on her bedside table.
Rosie put her outfit and backpack on and went to say farewell to her mama.

Rosie opened the door finding the room in semi darkness. Her mama was lying on the floor in a bright red kimono staring at the ceiling covered with glow in the dark stars.
'Mama?' Her mama smiled and gently pulled Rosie to the floor by her side.
'Look how beautiful the stars are, Rosie!'
'Why don't you go out and look at the real ones instead?!' Suggested Rosie.
'The sky hurts my eyes.... but it certainly is very tempting. Thank you my little rose.' Said mama and kissed her on the cheek.
Rosie looked at her seriously saying: 'Mama, I'm going to explore!'
'What a marvellous idea, Rosie! You must be so excited!'
'Sure! Although I'm a little....scared!'
'You are not scared. You've got big eyes. Big eyed girls are never scared!' Mama said looking ceilingward.
Rosie quietly stood up and walked out the room.
She took the house keys just in case she'd feel like staring at glow in the dark stars.
Taking three deep breaths (because threes are stronger than ones) she opened the front door and walked out to the world.

The stranger who once smelled like fresh laundry
Rosie didn't have a map or cool compass so she asked a stranger sitting on the pavement floor for directions. The stranger looked super scruffy, slightly cuckoo and surely in a bad mood. He was sitting in a huge cardboard box. He was always hanging on Rosie's street, in the same place facing her window. Once her Nana told her, he was one of her mistakes. Back when he was clean and smelled like fresh laundry. Everytime he saw her Nana, he wailed: 'You stole my heart!' Rosie wasn't sure how can a person steal one's heart but it sounded rather sad. The stranger was holding a paper saying: only money, booze, umbrellas, cigarettes, blankets and white Lindt chocolate accepted.
'Sir, can I ask you a question?' Asked Rosie after gathering her courage.
'It you have any of these things to give me in exchange?' Asked the stranger pointing at the sign he was holding.
'I'm afraid I don't...but I could give you my favourite colouring book! There are few pages left to colour. They say it relaxes you.'
'I can't possibly feel more relaxed than I do right now but alright give it to me.' He grabbed the colouring book from Rosie's outstretched hand. 'Now how can I help you, little one?' He asked after a very profound look at her colouring book.
'Could you tell me what is the best place to explore?'
'Explore? Why don't you play with the anorexic dolls instead?'
'I'm not allowed to play with dolls. Mama says that they give away the wrong image.' Answered Rosie impatiently.
The stranger nodded and said: 'In that case go to Soho! It taught me a great deal when I was younger. It's a very pleasurable place to be. At least it was. Now they want to change it, to make it pretty. Tsssss. Those sad souls that can't find the beauty on an unmade bed. Anyway, you can still find exciting places if you look properly.'
Rosie's eyes were shining with excitement. 'Thank you so much, sir! Which way is Soho?'
'Just go straight and repeat the word Soho ceaselessly.'
Rosie started her journey right away and waved at the stranger who shouted: 'Always rely on the kindness of strangers.'

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B.Rider said...

Oh Tami! ;) I love this. More please!
- Miss U x