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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Beautiful Narwhals from the Canal

On Rosie's way to Soho she was accompanied by narwhals swimming in the canal. Her mama said the narwhals were warriors with melting hearts. They were sticking out their tusks as if greeting her. Rosie felt better in their presence. 'I'm not scared. I've go big eyes too!' She kept repeating along with the word Soho. Many boats were parked on banks of the canal. Rosie tried very hard not to feel tired, thirsty or hungry. She pretended she ate the biggest carrot cake and that she took a long nap a while ago. The truth was she forgot to pack the food and money. Rosie never went to a scout camp nor were there any National Geography programmes on surviving in London. Rosie felt highly disappointed as they would be exceedingly handy at this moment. Her tummy turned into a loud and hard to ignore orchestra.
As she was walking along the boats she smelled a delicious dinner, coming from one of them. She decided to have a little peek trough the open window. The boat was particularly unusual. It was painted in a pastel blue colour and sprinkled with purple glitter. When Rosie leaned to peek through the tiny window a voice behind her said: 'It smells delicious, doesn't it?' Rosie jumped abruptly and slowly turned around.
Her fear went away as soon as she looked at a man with big smile and amused face . He was all in white holding a black suitcase. She couldn't help but notice his pirate eye patch. She couldn't help her curiosity and asked 'What is behind your patch, sir?'
'Well, there used to be an eye, just like yours but blue. Then one day someone didn't like my eye because it showed the truth. You see sometimes the truth is unbearably painful.'
'Like when they say you can't actually fly?'
'You know there are two gigantic narwhals in your canal.' Said Rosie and pointed at the river.
'I knew it! Now I know what kept me awake last night. All that banging.' He rolled his eye.
Rosie smiled at him broadly and explained her spying: 'I apologise for my curiosity, sir but I just wanted to know what smelled so nice.'
The man climbed on the board and stretched out his hand. 'Come and see then!'
Rosie accepted his hand without a hesitation and said: 'My name's Rosie.'

The house boat was filled with books, old paintings, more books and ballet shoes. The eye patched guy was called Stuart and the reason why he loved breathing, as he referred to his boyfriend, was Xavier. They couldn't be any more different. Rosie found it entirely amusing. Xavier was short and slim wearing mascara and eyeliner that her granny used to wear before her eyelashes fell off. He was an ex soloist at Royal Ballet and Stuart was a neurologist. While Stuart was explaining the deepest secrets of the brain, Xavier was dancing Nutcracker in the tini tiny living room. Rosie was stuffing herself with homemade tomato soup and biscuits. All the attention was centred on her. 'Why Soho? I mean it is an exciting place indeed but why did you choose it?' Asked Stuart.
'A man sitting in a card board box described it as a wonderful place. I wanted to see it for myself. Now after repeating its name so much I feel like my heart beat is synchronised with it. '
'How do you imagine it?' Asked Xavier.
'I've tried and tried but my imagination fails me. I think maybe it's too beautiful to even imagine.' Sighed Rosie.
'Nothing it's too beautiful to imagine! The strongest, most precious and most important power is your imagination, Rosie. That's where you turn sand into morning light and the pain to an annoying one time shiver. Don't you ever let anyone take it away from you!' Said Xavier with a very serious face. Rosie find it hard to blink.
Rosie said she would spend a night on the boat but she couldn't. It would be simply too sad to say goodbye to Stuart and Xavier. She woke up in the middle of the night and left. She wanted to give them something so she left her Bonsai tree on the kitchen window. She headed straight repeating ceaselessly SOHO and the two narwhals followed her.

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