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Saturday, May 17, 2014

How Leonie stopped dreaming and Georgie missed the last cloud. The last episode of the series: My Lovely Ghosts.

Something strange happened to Leonie in Paris. She couldn’t dream anymore. Suddenly there was just reality and nothing else. Leonie wasn’t impressed by the real world. When she was dreaming everything was possible, she could experience emotions in multiple doses and by creating the stories and new worlds she knew she could caress the stars and move the universe towards left. Reality was lucid and boring and she didn’t like its rules. People moved like someone was pushing them by whispering sadly: this is life. She refused to move the same way so she kept skipping. But how can you skip when there is a very limited room for you? Leonie loved autumn because it reminded her of Georgie so much. Swimming among the fallen leaves was enchanting. She was smitten by wind pouring down purple blossom and she could breath in something else than a broken dust. That autumn she didn’t swim with the leaves.  After not being able to dream she collected sand from the nursery’s sand pit into the big empty jam jars and sprinkled it on her bed. This way she wanted to lure her old friend Sandman in to teach her how to regain dreaming. She knew that with the right amount of sand he’ll pay her a visit anytime soon. And he did, bringing the starlight, smell of the deepest well and what lied beyond miracles. He talked with his eyes telling her that it’s the dreams that decide when to come back. Sandman brought nothing but knowledge that didn’t offer any consolation. He took away her sand so she wasn’t to call him again. Leonie knew only Georgie could save her. By touching the willow trees she tried to call him, singing a little lullaby: ‘There in the lost honey memories I lie. There in the deep valley I am. Wait for my love to melt your heart.’ Leonie was waiting on the other side of the sky, slowly weakening, her eyes getting white and her lips shivering. Georgie heard her cry but it’d been so long when he last listened to the trees. The magical connection lost its power when Leonie left him. Georgie tried and tried and begged and begged the Tree Queen who was angry with him because he let Leonie go.  The Tree Queen didn’t believe the saying that sometime we have to let people we love go. She wanted to punish him by not listening to her. In the end she said: ‘I’ll take you to Leonie so you can save her but by doing so you’ll become a smooth coat of your soul. You’ll fly instead of walking and you’ll never die but you’ll smell dead everywhere.’ Georgie just nodded and hurried to his beloved Leonie. He was running on the clouds to be faster but he missed one and fell on the ground. When Georgie finally found her, her heart was speechless... He covered her silver body with autumn leaves, laid by her side and prayed to the autumn spirits. The leaves flew and flew and Leonie was full of spring flowers again. She smiled sweetly and looked at Georgie’s glassy face. His eyes were transparent; there was not a single glitter left. Realized what she had done Leonie cried and cried for centuries until she became a mere water Lillie singing along with pebbles and roses.  And Georgie? Well he’s still here, looking for the gentle souls who can feel his pain and see his autumn. 

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