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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Part 5: The Tree Queen and her lover (from the series My Lovely ghosts)

Georgie’s soul was inside out without Leonie. Mostly he was walking on the streets with his eyes closed only thinking of her. If his imagination was strong enough, for the brief moments he could actually smell her porcelain skin, observe the five freckles on her nose and listen to the melody her lips whispered when no one was listening. Georgie started to believe in the magic and the power of spirits surrounding lonely souls. He loved talking to the ghosts. The ghosts who loved life too much, who couldn’t bear to leave the sound of a heartbeat, satisfied being invisible for most of the humans and being seen by those who crossed the moon upside down. There was something perhaps a warm sunset in Georgie’s eyes that attracted ghosts and those scared of too much sun. Georgie’s voice sounded like raindrops falling down in an empty cathedral. His eyes had no windows but an open and infinite space.
The only time when Georgie felt happy was when he was with kids. He became a nanny of two little girls. Georgie adored them dearly and with the help of his friendly ghosts he taught them how to dance with fireflies, to walk on the stars and smell the sunlight. Georgie told them the story about a Tree Queen and her lover. The Tree Queen was tired of reigning, of following the rules, her husband and all the duties she didn’t care about. Once she begged her lover to take her to a candy floss field or to run away with her and live in a cave.  Lover didn’t listen to her properly. He wasn’t aware how important it was to her. So she ran away alone, climbed the highest tree and refused to come back to him ever again. She loved it there, surrounded by stars and singing bats. When he found out she was missing, a little piece of his heart vanished and became a firefly which he didn’t seem to be able to catch anymore. The sad lover wanted her back so badly. He would sit underneath the tree day and night, telling her about everything that wasn’t important, that didn’t make any sense. The queen was quiet the whole time. “I don’t need to talk to anyone! I’m a Tree Queen after all”, she thought. But she always glittered when he came. He wanted her back, to live with him. He thought they could start over again. One cold, raw night he stayed underneath the tree too long. She finally talked to him: “We must love another or die.” He became the flowers of her tree.
Girls loved the story and wanted to listen to it every night. Georgie didn’t mind, imagining Leonie as the Tree Queen and him as the lover. He knew he was ready to do anything for her and even if he was only destined to be a single flower on her tree, he wouldn’t mind.

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