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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Part 3: How Georgie and Leonie met (from the series My Lovely Ghosts)

Georgie first met Leonie in a car park few days after her babushka died. Leonie’d been crying.Georgie looked at her and said.
‘Hello. My name is George.’
She wiped her tears away and stared at him for a long time. It was a very profound and important stare, the one that tries to breathe on your soul. Georgie stared back thinking he could give her the whole time in the world to say something if she asked for it. After a long time which felt like nothing Leonie spoke. ‘Can I call you Georgie? I like it better.’ 
‘I guess it’s alright. What’s your name?’
‘Why are you sad Leonie?’
‘I don’t know. Why are people sad anyways?’
‘Because they hurt, I believe. Do you hurt?’
Leonie nodded.
‘It’s ok I hurt too. Hold my hand.’
Leonie took his hand and smiled widely. It was the first time she smiled without being self- conscious about her braces. Leonie told Georgie everything about her babushka and how lonely she felt after she passed away. Georgie felt at ease with her, she would never judge him and mostly she was amused and in awe by everything he said. The whole world was  like a never ending surprise for Leonie. She could lie on the floor for hours staring at the sky, fascinated by clouds, seeing something else lying behind them. It felt like the whole universe was telling her that nothing makes sense that accidents happen and people keep making mistakes and the snowflakes fall down when no one is looking. Leonie knew Georgie could see it too and that made them close. They felt like they were incomplete and insignificant without each other. Georgie loved the idea of being inseparable that one person can’t exist without the other. He wrote thousands of poems about their love and how finding each other turned the world upside down. Leonie, on the other hand was terrified by the idea of not being able to be happy with anyone else. She wanted to see more, to meet new people, fall in love with complete strangers all over again and make all mistakes of the world. So she did. Leonie had moved out to the big city and started to live a big life. But before that she gave Georgie The Worry Dolls. The only thing she had left from her babushka. Babushka got them from one of her endless lovers. Leonie told Georgie that he can tell his worries to one of the dolls and place it under his pillow before he goes to sleep. The doll will worry instead of him and let him sleep peacefully.
After Leonie left, she understood what her babushka meant by saying that people usually don’t end up with love of their life.

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