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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Madame Bombon, part 3

Madame Bombon and John expressed their love through dancing. They danced and danced, their bodies mingled and collided in the space. They had so much chaos within themselves that they gave birth to a dancing star. Nothing bad could happen when they were dancing. The audience was completely mesmerized by their dazzling presence. Madame Bombon and John had never been happier being so admired and adored. The dance floor became their home. Once again life got in the way. An unexpected change occured. The change is hard thing to accept, it is irreversible, and it means there is no way back. Why would you want to accept change if it represented the end of absolute happiness? John was hit by a car on the way to a flower shop. It was pretty unnecessary accident, avoidable even idiotic. When they asked him how he could not notice the car coming, he simply said: I was looking skyward. Doctors said he could never walk again but what Madame Bombon heard was John could never dance again. She couldn’t stay with him. How could she possibly fit into the hospital life? The smell and whiteness of the place was revolting to her. When she was leaving him she simply said she couldn’t hear the music anymore. John married a nurse who madly fell in love with him. Yet in the darkest nights John dreamt of dancing with Madame Bombon.                
Madame Bombon never fell in love again; she accepted the solitude and her dark and tiny destiny. When Georgie met her, he couldn’t help but notice the grief she carried, the deep sadness on her lips and the craving for music. Georgie didn’t bring back the music she had once lost. He brought a soft lullaby that fed her starving soul. 

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