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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Marlene was naked, sitting on the white sheet in a bright room with giant windows facing to the garden. She tried to enjoy the sun as much as she could because she knew it won’t last for a long time. That was probably the only certain thing about London- it would always rain. She completely forgot about other fifteen people sitting around and drawing her. Today was different.  She felt happy and somehow really peaceful like nothing bad could ever happen to her and even if it did, she knew it would be all fine in the end. Last night Marlene was dreaming about dark woods full of enchanted creatures and she was allowed to join their magical world where the air tastes like sweet milk and it smells like orange and cinnamon tea. ‘Ok guys, five minutes left!’ shouted Gerard with his thick French accent. Normally this position would make her really uncomfortable and she would be craving for the end but today she felt in ease. She noticed a priest in the garden, walking around, looking very thoughtful. Maybe someone told him a burdensome secret about forbidden love and the poor priest told the sinner to forget about it and continue with his life because that’s what he was supposed to say. Although the only true thing he wanted to tell him was go and do whatever makes you happy. Even if you get hurt and the love won’t last forever, it’s still worth it because we should only live for the splendid and merry moments no matter how short may be. ‘La fin! Merci Mesdames et Messieurs’, said Gerard and all the painters slowly started to pack their things. Marlene put her kimono on and went to the changing room.
Outside at the crossing she thought she saw a little pink flying thing, presumably a fairy, staring at her from the other side. ‘Oh my God, I’m imagining again. Stop it Marlene!’ she was talking to herself, trying to look elsewhere. However the little pink fairy appeared close to her face, winked at her and flew to the other side of the crossing again. Marlene, staring at it in a trance moved towards, without noticing the red light. Unfortunately she couldn’t find out if the fairy was real or if it was another invention of her boundless imagination, because she was hit by the shiny red Porsche.
Marlene felt like she was flying and she literally was. It started to drizzle outside and she could feel every single raindrop on her skin, yet her skin felt dry. She heard her hair shiver and there was a piano playing somewhere without a pianist. At some point she believed she could fly and she spread her arms. Her fall on the ground brought her back to the reality. The raindrops felt wet again and the music was gone. Marlene opened her eyes and saw a little fairy tickling her on the nose and smiling at her. ‘You bitch’! She murmured and closed her eyes again. ‘What? How do you feel? Please don’t fall asleep and look at me. The ambulance’s coming any minute. ‘You’re gonna be fine! Puta mierda!’ Said someone’s voice and tried to wake her up by shaking her. ‘No, leave me alone. I want to sleep.’  Marlene unwillingly opened her eyes. There she saw a man’s terrified, just about to cry face leaning towards her. ‘Who are you?’ ‘I’m....I am the driver. You jumped in front of my car. Mierda! You can’t just cross the street on the red light!’ ‘The red.... that was always a problem.. Are you gonna sue me?’ ‘What? No!’ he said and looked at her puzzled. Suddenly there were many strangers in white carrying her on a flying bed to a very noisy car.
The next thing she remembered clearly was waking up in the hospital. She felt so tired, as if she had walked around the whole of London. Marlene kept seeing the pink fairy in her hospital room, flying around. ‘If I could get up right now, I would crash you!’ she told her through her teeth. As a response, the fairy looked at her with innocent eyes like nothing had happened. Marlene also noticed that every time she opened her eyes, the driver was there. One morning she woke up and felt almost fine. ‘Hey. How do you feel?’ asked the driver. He seemed to be awake for only couple minutes. ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Just really thirsty. Could you get me a glass of water, please?’ she murmured. ‘Sure’, he said and passed her a glass lying next to the bed. He helped her with drinking it. ‘Have you been here all the time?’ ‘Yeah pretty much.’ He admitted tiredly.
‘Why? The whole accident was my fault. Don’t you have a life and place to be?’  Marlene regretted what she said as soon as she saw his angry face.
‘Of course I’m here! Where would you expect me to be?! You know I could have killed you or put you on wheelchair and ruin your and my life!’ He was almost shouting at her.
‘Are you Spanish?’
‘I’ve heard you saying something in Spanish before. I think..... or maybe I only imagined it. I imagine many things you know.’ Marlene really didn’t want to argue with him.
‘I’m half Venezuelan..... some times when I’m stressed or angry I speak in Spanish. I don’t know why.’
‘I think Spanish is the best language for arguing. I’m... studying Spanish in the university.’
‘¿Ah sí? Pues, te sugiero concéntrate en terminar tu carrera en vez de saltar delante de los coches, nena.’ The fact that she’s been so relaxed about the whole situation made him really angry.
‘No shit! What a great suggestion! Do you think I do this every day? Obviously I enjoy the pain and hospitals!’ Now she was getting annoyed.
‘The doctor said you’ve been here with your broken toe before because the car ran through your foot. You certainly have a thing for cars.’
‘Well, I’m sorry that I’m too absent-minded. You know some people are.’ Marlene tried to defend herself although she knew it was impossible.
‘Increíble. There’s a difference between being absent-minded and being able to look at both sides!’
Marlene rubbed her eyes feeling tired again. He looked at her cautiously and spoke mildly this time:’ The doctor thinks you might have done it deliberately...’
‘Pues, que intentaste suicidarte.’
‘¿Cómo? İQué tontería!’ the tiredness was gone ‘I didn’t want to kill myself! I just... I...’
‘You what? Tell me what happened!’
‘I just... I can’t because you won’t believe me!’
‘Well ,try!’
‘I... I saw a little pink fairy flying around and I thought she wanted me to cross the street for some reason and... she was so little and I was really afraid of losing her so I ran stupidly towards her without looking.’
‘A little pink fairy? Really? İNo me jodas, nena!’ Then he burst out laughing.
‘You see! I told you, you wouldn’t believe me!’ She made a desperate face to him and he stopped.
‘I’m sorry. Perdona. I guess....well everyone sees  things differently, I suppose. I just, I wish you were more careful. I mean you are so young and you have the whole life in front of you and...’
‘Haha you are talking like my dad!’
‘I’m only 31, nena!’ he objected slightly annoyed.
‘Please, just don’t make any speech about how amazing it is to be 20. The whole life in front of you and you can literally be anyone, do anything. Well no shit! What if I don’t know who to be? What if there’s no money for me to explore before I fall to this boring adult life. To work everyday since 9 till 5. I’m even sick of the idea of it.’
‘You don’t have to be like most of the people. There are so many professions out there. You can make your own business and...’
‘Says who? The Dolce and Gabbana suit?’ she was being sarcastic now.
‘ Oh come on! I’ve earned this and I like the good quality. What’s wrong with that?’
‘Nothing. I know. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m graduating in couple months and I’m so not ready for anything and you know I always expected the university to somehow prepare you for life and..’
‘Prepare you for life? What are you talking about! There’s nothing that can prepare you for life but life. You should be so excited about the future.’
‘I’m so not! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the magic doesn’t happen in real life.’
‘Nena, if you see pink fairies flying around I really don’t think you need more magic in your life. I really don’t think so.’
They both started to laugh. Suddenly the man looked at his watch. ‘Dios mío. I have to go. I have a meeting in the centre.’ He was saying in hurry, putting on his coat.
‘But will you come back then?’ Marlene asked slowly
‘Yeah, then I’ll come back,’ he promised with smile.
‘Maybe you could get me a job?’ she smiled.
‘Ha, que nena eres’ he said closing the door. As he was passing by the hospital hallway he could swear he saw little pink thing flying around, winking at him.

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