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Sunday, December 9, 2012




During the day she’s a nursery teacher called Margaret, during the night she’s Margiela, a prostitute in Soho.  As a nursery teacher she’s very popular and loved by all her little students and their mothers too. She’s very empathetic, always listening to their problems and stories when they pick up their children.  Also she doesn’t seem to mean any harm for their husbands because she always wears over-sized clothes, big glasses, hair in ponytail and no make-up whatsoever. She seems to be very shy in a company of any man. However if you looked at her face more closely, you could easily tell that she’s a very attractive woman.
When Margaret was a little girl she witnessed her mother killing her husband and a lover in the most peculiar way, because they were both cheating on her. After founding out that they were cheating on her, Margaret’s mother handcuffed her lover to the bed. He, thinking of some hot and crazy sex games didn’t expect that she’s going to cut off his penis completely. Margaret’s mother found it extremely amusing, even more when he was crying from his pain. She left him there, lying till he bled to death. Little Margaret saw everything from her mother’s wardrobe, where she used to hide quite often at the time. Later the night when they were having their daily family dinner, her mother prepared a special dish for her husband, containing the penis of her dead lover. Of course she didn’t forget to mention it, however after he ate every single piece of it, thinking how lovely the dinner was. Obviously he got very upset, stood up, finished his glass of wine, trying to reach her wife in rage but she was faster enough to stab him with two forks.
After the police found out, Margaret’s mother was taken to the mental hospital. Since then Margaret couldn’t stop thinking about how cheating is an extremely horrible thing to do. She made herself believe that if people didn’t cheat, the world would become a nicer place filled with happy families. That’s how Margaret became Margiela.
Margiela loved being a prostitute, sleeping with different kinds of men when they were on the verges of pleasure and she was thinking about the pain she would cause them soon afterwards. She strongly believed that every single man who cheats deserves to die in a PAIN. Of course she killed only the men who had girlfriends and wives not those poor horny night wanderers.  Margiela was a lovely person afterwards. She would always choose different rooms/ houses in Soho so she didn’t get suspicious. She was a professional in making her to look completely different each time she met her lovers, always able to change her appearance, using lots of wigs and make-up. Moreover she was a master for changing the accents, one time she would be a sexy Latin chica and another time a very shy Asian little girl. She absolutely adored her job and cutting off penises. She had her personal collection in her secret room of her flat. Sometimes in the days when she felt blue she would come to this room and just a single look at them would make her so much happier. She recorded her love adventures through the hidden camera and sent it to the wives or girlfriends of her clients so women wouldn’t feel that bad when they found out that they died.
Her life seemed to be perfect however one day she met Jeremy (male escort) and she fell in love with him immediately. She forced him to believe how the cheating is very bad and how it destroyed her life. Jeremy absolutely blinded by love he felt towards her started to do the same thing. He was punishing the women.  They were performing their little business for couple year until they started to cheat on each other and found out that sometimes, for some reasons it’s a good thing to do. They lived happily ever after.

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