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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My lovely ghosts: GEORGIE’S FALL, part 1

My lovely ghosts

I met Georgie, the Ghost, when I was on my year abroad in Valencia. He would just come/ fly into my room in the middle of the night as if not knowing that the night was the time when most of the humans would be sleeping. No, Georgie didn’t seem to care.  At the time I considered him as the most annoying ghost I’ve ever met until I got to know Margaret but well that’s another story.
First time I met him, I’ve noticed an unmistakeable sadness in his eyes or more precisely in his entire expression. I’ve always felt like it must have been there before, that maybe he was born with this sadness, deeply engraved in his hazel eyes. They always seemed very familiar to me, as if I was seeing them all the time, somewhere, in the trees, autumn leaves, during those long London’s rainy days.
Georgie told me so much about his childhood. He loved sitting on the tree, secretly looking at the people underneath. He used to think that people look so much more interesting and fascinating from his favourite tree. Moreover they didn’t scare him that much. He was daydreaming there, creating his lovely little world. The one thing he particularly loved doing was building the origami swans. He loved this idea of swans swimming through the innumerable amount of leaves. Every night, from his window he could see his swans shining in the dark. They gave him so much happiness and dreams full of unexpected pleasures.  Unfortunately, during one spring rainy day, Georgie’s father cut off his beloved tree. After this unfortunate event, nothing else in Georgie’s life made him as happy as sitting in this adored tree.  Well not exactly nothing else, until he met Leonie..........
 to be continued

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