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Monday, October 29, 2012

My lovely ghosts (continuing)

Leonie’s fireflies
When Leonie was a little girl, the only person she truly loved was her grandmother. Both of her parents were working abroad, only seeing her twice a month. As a child she always felt like she lost them already and she didn’t care that much because she had her grandmother. Grandmother came to her life straight out of nothing, like a gentle breeze into an empty room. Before that, Leonie was only surrounded by fairies and little grumpy goblins in their big beautiful house. Her Russian granny brought all sorts of unimaginable and magical things into Leonie’s life. Granny couldn’t speak any language but Russian, she was scared to death of washing machines and she only hand washed the laundry. Leonie loved the smell of their bathroom when her granny used to do the laundry in the bath tub stepping on the clothes. Every night before she went to sleep she was writing a long love letters to her dead lover. Once Leonie asked, why she wasn’t writing anything to her dead husband as well and Grandmother only replied that people are usually not married to their true loves. Leonie used to wonder why it was so and she thought that grown-ups were so silly. Why would you marry if not because of love? Grandmother was putting her love letters underneath her pillow so the ghost of her dead lover could collect them and had something to read and remember about. Leonie saw his ghost once, when he woke her up, begging her to explain her grandmother that he has never loved her and if she could please stop writing him letters because they disturbed his peace. Leonie didn’t have the heart to tell her such a thing, so she would always sneak in to her room and took the love letters away. Grandmother always got drunk on vodka in order to sleep well and wake up happier so her sleep was very heavy and she never noticed what was Leonie doing with the letters. On the other hand, when she woke up and found out that the letter is gone, her life made so much more sense than before.
When she died, Leonie’s heart cracked. It was almost Christmas. Leonie climbed on the roof of her house with thousands of grandmother’s love letters. It was quite windy when she was throwing them out of the roof. They flew a little, then burst into innumerable fireflies and the night became a day.

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